borderless™ is a global payments API enabling payouts to 100+ countries using local bank transfers in local currency. borderless handles all compliance required including KYC of your recipients, reduce fees and complexity of global payments while providing white label notifications.

Here are some cool features that can empower your business:

  • Plug & Play API that helps you integrate and scale rapidly with one integration for payouts to 100+ countries.
  • Access Real-Time Bank Payments to deliver funds within 2 hours after processing to currencies like INR, PHP, BRL and more.
  • Our Widget & @handle system will reduce your data liability by avoiding the need to collect or store sensitive banking information
  • White labeled payment notifications to your customers with accurate estimated arrival times
  • Transaction and FX savings on every payout
  • Multi-currency balances that help you receive, hold and exchange in 13 currencies. You can also receive directly from Stripe or other 3rd party credit card processors.

The borderless™ API allows payout experiences to be customized to your business’ needs. We have built our solutions for marketplaces, small-businesses, enterprises, and dreamers around the world. With our Mass Payout API you can pay your contractors, workers, distributors, vendors in seconds! The funds get delivered straight to their bank account with no or low fees and currency conversion included. These docs will provide:

  • Quick Start: Step by Step on how to get started
  • Integration Methods: Choose your integration method to unlock global bank payouts
  • Guide & Resources: Follow our API guides for easy integration

Note: The borderless™ Mass Payout API takes about 1-4 days to implement. Integration time depends on your company needs, and development resources.